martedì 17 aprile 2007

Every girl's dream...

Oh come on! I do not know one girl who has never imagined herself dancing "The time of my life" with Patrick Swayze!!! I think it was this movie that made me want to learn to dance! One of the best movie scenes ever! Love,

lunedì 16 aprile 2007

Tango...100% pure passion

I've recently started to learn some basic moves of tango and I can assure you that it's something everyone should experience! I wish I were good enough to dance like the couple in the video! I believe that tango is one of the most communicative dances, and Roxanne is one of my favorite songs ever! I hope you'll enjoy it! Love,

mercoledì 4 aprile 2007

You Tube

First of all, can anyone explain me why they called it "You Tube"?
Anyway, this week the e-tivity was a lot easier and much more fun! The videos chosen by Sarah are really great! I'm not going to comment on them here because you can read my opinion on them on YouTube !
I think that YouTube, besides offering tons of funny videos to entertain yourself and your friends, can be very useful for foreign language students like us because it gives us the possibility of listening to real spoken English. Moreover, it offers a great insight into foreign countries' cultures with videos like that of the I-Rack. It takes some time to explore the site but I'm sure it is worth it! If I find some interesting video I'll definetely put them on the blog!