mercoledì 4 aprile 2007

You Tube

First of all, can anyone explain me why they called it "You Tube"?
Anyway, this week the e-tivity was a lot easier and much more fun! The videos chosen by Sarah are really great! I'm not going to comment on them here because you can read my opinion on them on YouTube !
I think that YouTube, besides offering tons of funny videos to entertain yourself and your friends, can be very useful for foreign language students like us because it gives us the possibility of listening to real spoken English. Moreover, it offers a great insight into foreign countries' cultures with videos like that of the I-Rack. It takes some time to explore the site but I'm sure it is worth it! If I find some interesting video I'll definetely put them on the blog!

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ilaria ha detto...

Dear Viola,
I perfectly agree with you: You Tube, besides being really funny, can be extremely useful to improve our listening skills in English and also to get to know more and more about English culture.
I expressed these ideas in the post on You Tube on my blog as well!

martina ha detto...

Dear Viola,

I agree with you and Ilaria: YouTube can be a good resource for language learning. You can listen to real spoken language and you can also get in touch with other cultures.


Elena ha detto...

Good question, Viola!
Why is it called youtube? I think, but I'm just trying to give my interpretation: it might come from television called also "boob tube" and you because the motto is "Broadcast yourself"..could it be?
bye, Elena

Erica Buzz ha detto...

Hi Viola!
As our peers have already written, I agree with you when you say that YouTube is useful in order to improve our skills. The more we use it and the more we can learn from it (but this is my opinion...).
Erica :)

Anonimo ha detto...

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Anonimo ha detto...


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