mercoledì 28 marzo 2007


Hi everyone!
I was going to say that today I feel like a technology guru for managing to do this thing on feed and playlists all by myself but... since I had already written this post once and I totally DELETED it instead of publishing it (don't ask me how I did it!!!), I realized that I still have a long way to go!!! Anyway, at first I had no clue what Sarah was talking about but now I have to admit that feed aggregators are really useful because instead of having to go to each website to see if there's something new you just have to go to bloglines and see if any of your favorite sites has been updated! This time-saving tool is especially useful for me since my Internet connection at home is very unstable and one moment you're connected and one second later you get kicked off! I can't wait to read your reactions to this new e-tivity! Love,

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Erica Buzz ha detto...

Hi Viola!
I think your post is very funny (hi hi hi). Feelinig a guru and then realizing that what you've written has been deleted just a few minutes after is the sort of feeling I had last week, too. I had written my post carefully and had added color, an image, links etc and, after publishing it I realized that I had published it in bloggingenglish rather than in my blog. I really got angry and did not know what to do because the computer stopped and I could not neither do "copy and paste" from a blog to anotherone nor open my blog anymore. These are the moments in which a "guru" changes into an angry and frustrated being. Anyway the important is to manage to achieve our goals and learn to use thses tools which can be useful during lesson as well as for our thesis.

Elena ha detto...

Hi Viola!
don't feel alone!
I wrote my post carefully, added colors, links..everything! I saved it and when I was about to published there was only a few lines saved..a mistery!!
Now we know bloglines and I'm sure it will hapl a lot!

Alessandra P ha detto...

Tt happens to me as well... I feel very proud when I manage to do complicated things with the pc, and then I end up doing something very idiotic. You're definitely not alone...

Erica Bergamin ha detto...

Hi Viola,
what you say is 100% true!!! =) I had the same feeling when I read what we had to carry out this time, but in th eend I was proud I managed to create my playlists!
See you,

Lamericaana ha detto...

Viola's post and all your comments made me smile :-)
I personally am extremely proud of all of you for all you are doing, for putting up with the frustration of making mistakes, learning from them and doing great work.
I think you're all well on the road to becoming "gurus"!


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