martedì 27 marzo 2007

An unforgettable Sunday

Dear all,
I just wanted to share with you my ENORMOUS happiness for winning the first prize at the bachata competion held on Sunday at the Rimini Dance Festival!


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Lamericaana ha detto...

Congratulations and complimenti Viola! Next time take a video so we can actually SEE you dance ;-)


alex ha detto...

Congratulations Viola :))))

I really admire the way dancers move and spin on the stage! Although I attended a ballet school when I was a child I am a great disaster nowadays... I do not feel the rhythm at all!

How long have you been dancing? Did you win many other competitions?

See you,

Viola ha detto...

Dear Alex,
I attended a ballet school when I was I child just as you did but then I left it. I started latin dances three years ago. So far we've only done dance shows with our school during the summer (to advertise the school) but last year we started preparing for competitions. We participated to the Italian Championship in Foligno last summer (but just for fun!) and we went to the Cesena Open where we arrived in the 4th place. We still need to improve a lot, especially because we want to compete in salsa and merengue as well! I'll let you all know how it goes in the future! Love,

Alessandra P ha detto...

Wow, congratulations! You must be really good, Viola... BTW, nice costumes. I especially like the orange one you're wearing in the other picture.

See you

Alida ha detto...

Dear Viola
I really like people who reach their goals! That's why I consider you such a nice person!
I wish you luck for your next competitions!

alex ha detto...

Ok Viola!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon :D


Her Royal Highness Susanne ha detto...

Hi Viola!
The pictures are great!! I'm really impressed!! You must be very happy! I love dancing, unfortunately I am not really good at it, but I also enjoy it to watch. A friend of mine has been dancing for a long time and she always participates at competitions like the Italian Championship. Her name is Veronika Haller and she does standard dances. I wonder if you know her.
See you soon,

Viola ha detto...

Dear Susi,
I don't know her personally but I might have seen her dancing since I read she participated to the competition in Bassano which I went to see! I also saw that she's in the 8th place in the ranking list of her category so she must be really good!love,