sabato 17 marzo 2007

Let's start!

It's been really hard, first of all because my computer sucks and my internet connection is even worse! But, as someone said, Rome wasn't built in a day!
Let’s start by saying that this “blogsphere” is a real mess!!! There are billions of blogs on the Net, and if you don't have a precise idea of what you're looking for, you easily get lost! But once you get involved in this world, it’s real fun to go from a blog to another, read what people say and be able to give your opinion! Finally I have my own blog and I hope someone will read what I have to say and maybe will want to share their ideas with me! And I also hope that people from outside my English course will take a look at this blog!

English is not my mother tongue so you will probably find a lot of mistakes in my writing! Feel free to correct me!!! I think that this experience will help us a lot to improve our writing skills and to learn expressions which you don’t learn in school! It might even let us meet new people or at least it will let us know each other better! I'm not a great writer and I've never talked much about myself, but this could be a good way to open the doors to my little world to all of you!

Talk to you soon!

Ps: hopefully my next post will appear much sooner than this one!
(Picture taken by me in Guadeloupe last November)

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Alida ha detto...

Dear Viola,
even if your blog appeared quite late it is worth reading!
It has a nice structure and I also like what you wrote because I find it very interesting and frank.
In addition I must tell you that we share the same interests! The movies and the authors you cited are my favourite ones as well!
Very nice blog!

Alessandra P ha detto...

Dear Viola,
I hope your computer will behave next time you try to post something!
Your blog has a good layout, and very nice pictures--I'm not a dog expert, so I'll assume Camilla is the black dog and Toby the white-and-brown one. The sunset (or is it dawn?) picture in this post is amazing!!

See you in class,

martina ha detto...

Dear Viola,

even if you had problems with your computer, your blog is really really really nice. I like the layout you chose (a bit different from the others) and, of course, your pictures...they are great!

See you soon,

Erica Bergamin ha detto...

Dear Viola,
I'm happy to see you have succeded in opening your blog. I really like the colours you have chosen and the picture you have added.
Moreover, I looked at your dance school and find it amazing!
See you soon,

Her Royal Highness Susanne ha detto...

Hi Viola,
I think your blog is very nice and good structured! I like it! It was a good idea to add some personal pictures:-)! They are fantastic!!
See you,

ilaria ha detto...

Dear Viola,
I liked very much your concise but effective post! And above all I like the fact that you published in your blog photos that reporte 'private' moments of your life, that's a good way to get to know a person better!
Finally I think that the background of your blog is simply wonderful!

thenakedtranslator ha detto...

Hi Viola

Thanks for the comment on my blog. In response to your query on the translation of cultural bound terms, it sounds like a really interesting idea for a dissertation. It's such a big area too, with so many different angles, and SO many different possibilities! I'm no expert on this area myself, but I did find a few references which might be of use for an academic study. I'm afraid they're all in English (sorry!!) but hopefully these will give you something to start with at least. I'd love to hear how you get on!

1. : A good one to start with, it defines culture bound terms and describes the theorectical background to this area of study

2. : concludes that the target-oriented approach is a useful theory to explain translation phenomena specific to "cultural studies". Also explains how the cultural norms within the target language society affect how terms are translated

3. : looks at the question of equivalence in legal terms across different legal backgrounds. Interesting because it views different legal backgrounds as different "cultures". Also makes concrete suggestions on how to deal with these terms

Also, some books that might be useful:

4. Karamanian, Alejandra Patricia, ‘Translation and Culture’, Translation Journal, 6:1, 2002,
5. Katan, David, Translating Cultures: An Introduction for Translators, Interpreters and Mediators (Manchester: St Jerome, 1999)
6. Newmark, Peter, A Textbook of Translation (London: Prentice Hall, 1988)
7. Berry, Nicole, ‘The effects of cultural and culture-bound language on political translation’, Aspects of Specialised Translation, ed. by Lucile, Desblache (Paris: La Maison du Dictionnaire, 2001), pp.88-98
8. Ketteringham, Graham, ‘Culture-bound terms in institutional-type texts’, Aspects of Specialised Translation, ed. by Lucile, Desblache (Paris: La Maison du Dictionnaire, 2001), pp.99-108
9. Grenoble. L. and Kopper J., Essays in the Art and Theory of Translation, (Lewiston, Queenstown, Lampeter: Edwin Mellen, 1997)

Finally, some tips I found helpful when I was researching my masters thesis (on translation memory):

* Try and think of as many different search words as possible in and around your research topic, and google these. I'm guessing you've already googled "cultural bound terms" (there are a couple of especially interesting posts on and but try and come up with related terms. I know this can be difficult to do in a second language, so here are some English ones to get you started...
culture bound terms
translating culture
cultural translation
equivalence in translation
one to zero equivalence
equivalent terms
lexical gaps... etc. etc.

* if you find an interesting academic study or an article that is any way related to your research topic (even vaguely!), have a look at its bibliography. This could give you some very useful references for the future, plus you start to recognise the "key" pieces of research in your area!

Have fun!


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