lunedì 26 marzo 2007

Social bookmarking

Hi everyone!
After some initial problems with how to use (I still haven't become a computer expert in spite of my improvements!!) I realized that social bookmarking is really a great resource! I found sites that I'd never have even thought about! The interesting thing is that each of us pretty much concentrated on a different aspect of the English language (writing, speaking, and so on) so we came up with a long list of great sites, which in some cases might be similar but still each of them adds something new to our knowledge or to our possibilities of learning.

  • Ale T: I really liked the Word Spy site! Nowadays so many new words are created every day that we should all buy a new dictionary every month!
  • Alexandra: Thanks for suggesting the Friend Abroad site; I think communicating with other people and practising real English is the best way to learn!
  • Erica Buzz: I appreciated the Grammar and Writing site, especially the quizzes which are a fun way to improve our skills!
  • Shoun: it is always useful to look at online dictionaries which are usually more up-to-date than our normal dictionaries so thank you for suggesting Word Reference!
  • Alida: I liked the Free and Commercial Translation site! It was fun to see how the computer translated what I had written! Of course free computer translations are very bad but it's still interesting!
  • Martina: I think the Acronyms and Abbreviation dictionary is great! I always have a hard time when I find them in translations!
  • Susi and Elena: I liked both your sites on English pronounciation! Even though they are on the same subject they focus on different aspects!
  • Ale P: I think the site on Business English is realy useful because it's a part of the language we rarely study at school!
  • Erica Berg: your site on how to apply for a job was different from the others but maybe the most useful!!!

    Thank you all for your suggestions!

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