giovedì 17 maggio 2007

How do we learn?
So, this is the last e-tivity we have to do! Wow, it’s incredible to realize how much we’ve learned in these few months! But I’m not going to talk about this since we have all said a lot about it in our papers. What I want to talk about is my PLE map.I really had a lot of fun doing it! Of course I had to do it with Word because I couldn’t do it on Internet! I struggled a bit with text boxes and arrows, but I was very proud of the result at the end! I have divided the components of my learning environment in 5 main groups (text, audio, places, people and learning by doing) and then I have put a series of things inside each group. The only exception is the “learning by doing” group: it would have been impossible to list all the things I do during the day that make me learn something! At first I had thought of dividing formal and informal learning, then I wanted to separate the different "subjects" to learn; at the end I chose to operate this kind of division because most of the elements of the map could have been part of several groups.
So, these are the groups:
  • text: manuals, books, magazines, Internet
  • audio: television, radio, Internet
  • places: classroom, dance competitions, stages, dancing clubs, gym
  • people: classmates, colleagues, employers, friends, family, teachers
  • learning by doing
It's not been easy to draw it and I probably forgot to mention important elements of my learning process. I hope I'll have the possibility to add new things to my mindmap in the future because it would mean that I have found new ways to learn. The most important thing now is to start exploiting as much as possible all these learning opportunities!

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Alida ha detto...

Dear Viola,
If I'm not wrong you did not focus just on the language learning process but on a wider one. I think this was much more difficult because I believe that we learn something every day from people and different situations.
Finally I must congratulate because you succeded in creating your mind map with Word while I gave it up and did it on a paper.
I agree with many of the elements you wrote on your list.

Have a nice week end

martina ha detto...

Hi Viola,

you did really a great job! Dealing with ALL our learning process is not easy. Anyway, I think your explanation is very very clear.

At first, I was a bit surprised: you put also "dance competitions" in your PLE, but then I realized it's OK. As Alida said, "we learn something every day from people and different situations"...


Erica Buzz ha detto...

Dear Viola,

as written by Martina, I think you've done a great job, too.

I like your post because you've been very clear. I also like the brain image you posted; I think it visibly reflects what we were asked to to (to use our brain and think, using our reason, about what we've learnt up to now).


Elena ha detto...

Dear Viola,
I imagine it was difficult to draw your map if you considered many fields but I wanted to tell you that I'm like you since I need to do things in order to leran how to deal with them!

Your post is clear, concise and full of meaning!

Lamericaana ha detto...

Dear Viola,

I finally managed to get your VLE online.

Here's the link if you want to put it in your blog


alex ha detto...

Dear Viola,

as far as learning is a so complex process I am sure we all forgot something to add on our maps. Everyday we gather new competences and learn new things but it takes time to get aware of it.
I am sure our maps need to be updated soon.


Her Royal Highness Susanne ha detto...

Hi Viola,
I think you did a great job creating your mindmap, because you thought about it carefully and you considered many things. I agree with you when you say that it’s incredible to realize how much we’ve learned in these few months. We have really learnt a lot and I think that we will definitely keep on using the different tools we expored during this course.
See you tomorrow,

Delila ha detto...

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